Saturday, July 18, 2009


I went for a bike ride, intending to take a bunch of photos, but all I got was this place on Kirkham at about Funston.

Look familiar? I posted about a similar one on 19th Ave. last year.

And remember this building at Irving and 9th? It was actually Henry Doelger's office building. Duh. Thanks David. And, also duh, I didn't know this Doelger window was there either, in the little building behind the driveway, even though I inadvertently took a picture of it.

My on purpose (advertant?) photo isn't great. Go look at David's in Flickr.

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Al_Pal said...

Great stuff. I went to David's photo & followed a link in the comments to a 2005 sfgate story about the Sunset; neat!