Saturday, January 16, 2010


Well, it's a bonanza if you are interested in cement markings on the west side of San Francisco. Someday they will all be gone, victims of renovations and improvements. I have a feeling when the majority of the houses in the neighborhood start turning a hundred years old there will be more interest in who built this side of town.

I walked down almost the entire length of 36th Ave and onto Ocean Ave heading east, and found a bunch of new markings.

First up "A. B. Rilovich Cement Contractor San Francisco" at 36th and Lawton:

Next, "P.R. Kelly 1947" at 36th and Pacheco:

"Meyer Rosenberg Contractor San Francisco 1931" was in a couple spots at 36th & Santiago:

"Eaton S. Smith 1931" at 36th & Ulloa. The first time I have seen the contractor name with the street name:

Nobody but maybe one or two people who read this blog will understand my excitement for what I found at Wawona: "THIRTYSIXTH AVE" and "Meyer Rosenberg Contractor San Francisco 1931", twice. You can see the date didn't fit below the name on the curb, so it is sideways. I guess it makes sense that the name iron and date would be separate, I just never thought of it before:

Somewhere in there was a G A Love and Sons mark, like I had seen right on Sunset.

Finally we head to Lakeshore Park / Merced Manor.

I think this "Bay Concrete Co. 1931" is the only one I've seen on the side of a curb, found on Ocean at Melba:

While not a marking, I like that they saved this "TWENTY SECOND AVE" which has particularly large letters, when they put in the corner ramp. Not a great photo, but there is new cement on three sides of this:

I almost forgot, here are a couple I found on a bike ride the other day:

19th and Sloat: "A. B. Rilovich San Francsico CAL". Different from the mark in the first photo of this post.

Dewey at Pacheco: "1932 Love & Haun Concrete Construction 1354 20th St. SF 1932":

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AphotoAday said...

Oh I DO share your excitement...
And of course my favorite is P.R. Kelly 1947 -- I'm always on the lookout for 1947 stuff because that's the year I was born... (((oh great, now I feel really old -- as old as a concrete sidewalk)))