Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Past Life

I wonder what this building was in a past life? It is on the corner of 31st and Judah. According to City records it was built in 1937. I don't find a photo of this intersection in the S.F. Historic Photo Collection. It looks like it could have been a grocery store, but I know there was a Safeway at 30th & Judah later. Hmm, now that I think about it, is the Gymnastics club in the old Safeway building? Need to investigate.


Anonymous said...

I can give you some info on that site. When I was a little girl in the 50's it was a grocery store run by two brothers. They were wonderful and reasonably priced for a corner place. They let people have accounts and cash checks when they couldn't get to the bank - no ATMs back then. Then it was a printing place for a while. They used to give us leftover paper for drawing and projects. Rumor has it they closed because of counterfeiting. It was something else for a while and then became the pet store which has been there a long time.
Yes the gymnastics place was the original local Safeway. When they moved out a family ran a grocery store there. The whole family - kids and all - worked it. They were kinda pricey, not as nice to locals as the 31st place. I remember the kids as being kinda mean. After they closed it the store's parking lot became an apartment building and the gym club moved in eventually.

Janice said...

Thanks so much for the history. Even in the '80's our corner grocery store would let you run a tab. Those were the days.

Neil Honey said...

Yes, that was a grocery store, Coyels or something like that. I can say it but not spell it. My mother and I shopped there many times. I took my wagon with us to carry the groceries home. They had a real butcher shop that cut the meat the way you wanted it. During the depression many people shopped there because they would allow you to charge. I moved away about 1953 so I don't know what happened to then.