Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sutro Heights

While not in the Sunset, I'm sure a lot of us have visited Sutro Heights. I vaguely remember going there once as a child and got reacquainted with it when I worked at the V.A. Hospital and got interested in the Ferries & Cliff House Railway which Sutro built to take people to the Cliff House and the gardens. But that's another story.

Obligatory photo of Diana.

Always check to see if more or less of this tile is covered.

I wonder when this fire hydrant was put in? I couldn't read the writing.

I wonder what this was? There is another about ten feet away, next to the right-hand trail down to the parking lot across from Louis'.

There is a photo album at the Western Neighborhood Project. And history of the whole area including the garden in several bits at the bottom of this page.

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