Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Concerte Contractors

A few weeks ago I realized I was wrong about the location of this concrete imprint. You will also remember I was lamenting the fact that they aren't as plentiful as I remembered.

Well, I hit the jackpot on the 1400 block of 33rd Avenue. I found both the location of my mis-labeled mark and quite a few others.

On the west side of the street I found these two "?. SARTORIO 1938 S.F.". Or is the second one 1920-something? I can't tell.

Also on the west side were are at least two "D.C. McCABE & SON CONTRACTORS"

Over on the east side of the block D.C. McCabe or his son went a little crazy:

This is the only one I've seen imprinted at an angle:

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greg said...

this is an awesome blog, i'll definitely feature it on a links of interest feature...I like looking at all the variosu styles of houses and such myself.

lately I've been tallying up all the apartment buildings that look like the one I'm living in now...there's quite a few actually....