Sunday, May 25, 2008

That '70's Building

Here's another building I recall bugging me as a kid. It's at 25th and Irving and built in 1978, according to City records. Back then I think I found it vaguely dark and scary. I don't think the shingles were originally a light color.

Today I can verbalize my dislikes. Of course the usual 1970's complaints: black aluminum window frames, brown bricks, etc. But these arches are the main thing. I don't understand them, they seem really out of scale with the top of the building. All these curves just don't gel with the rectangles up above.

Two tones of brown bricks! The entry has huge tiles on either side of the door, and yellowish brown light fixtures.

I've seen this attempt at dentil on a few 1970's building around. It just doesn't work on a contemporary building, in my opinion. Especially one that is not trying to be anything but contemporary with the big brick arches below.


Anonymous said...

Pick on the building if you will (you should see the lobby!). It's a fantastic place to live. The units are large. The owners maintain it to a high standard, and the manager is prompt and friendly.

Not only that, but it's a block from the park entrance, and that little Irving corridor is fantastic. I'll take that 70's building, tyvm :-)

Janice said...

Great to hear it is well maintained. I've had good luck with landlords, it's nice to hear when others do, too.

I agree, I take the N down to that neighborhood to shop all the time. There's a lot in a few blocks.