Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fast Food Confessions

Since it is Sunday, I have decided today will be a day of confessions. I confess I have patronized chain stores and eaten crappy food.

Confession #1. I kind of like this bright paint job. It brings out the details on this old bank.
Confession #2. I bought a bean burrito here within the past few months.

Confession #3: As I child I often ate food from this corner. Back then there was a Kentucky Fried Chicken and an H. Salt nearby. I loved H. Salt and it's funky English Newspaper decor and packaging. Sometimes we would sit in H. Salt. Sometimes we would get take out from one, the other, or both. I credit KFC in large part for my becoming a vegetarian later in life.

Confession #4: I can't remember. Where exactly was H. Salt? And wasn't what is now Taco Bell a Radio Shack?

Confession #5: I can't remember a lot about the Silver Spur (next to Taco Bell), although I have been there several times.

Confession #6: I went to Starbucks shortly after these photos were taken.

Forgive me for all my sins against my stomach, my arteries, my brain, and the neighborhood.


Writeprocrastinator said...

Wait, you have a top-rated veggie restaurant the next block over and you go to Taco Smell?

Wasn't the Silver Spur a sports bar back in the 80's up until six years ago, when it became a combination bar/sushi bar?

I can barely remember when Kentucky Fried bought up all the H. Salts around town.

Janice said...

Yes, I repent both to Shangri-La and to Gordo's. It was wrong.

Al_Pal said...

combination bar/sushi bar

No, that was Peko, between 19th & 20th. It became Underdog Sports Bar about a year or so ago.

Silver Spur has a good rock jukebox, but the crowd can be variable. Once in 2004 we got to witness a pair of sweet elder ladies celebrating their marriage, which was a highlight.

On the other hand, some guy last year threatened my friend and made quite a scene. I don't remember what she said to him, but he got aggro and broke a beer bottle.

We've not been back, but that has as much to do with it not being in stumbling distance anymore, as it does with random jerk guy.

And finally, re: Starbucks -- people are always amazed and thrilled when I tell them I used to vote there! Garages and churches are standard polling places, but the s'bux gets quite a reaction! ;D