Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Geek Corner

First, check out the Sunset Greening event, Dig It, I posted about yesterday. Lunch & prizes, plus t-shirts and a ticket to see a concert featuring Stone Gossard for the first 400 volunteers.

Onto my geekdom...

At this intersection you will find Kirkham misspelled (full disclosre: I just misspelled misspelled).




Four times!

Fairly unusual to have all four wrong. And yes, I do check when I find one. And yes, that woman wandering around outside your house either staring at the sidewalk, risking life & limb to take a photo from the middle of the street, peering at houses up and down the block, going in circles, or cursing the sun for shining too brightly to take photos may have been me.


Anonymous said...

I was born and raised in SF and grew up in the Parkside. I don't know a lot of facts about my grandfather's business but I do know he was a contractor in the 30's and put in most of the sidewalks in the Sunset. I still have the iron initials "EJB" that he used to imprint his name in the concrete when the work was completed. I wonder if he misspelled Kirkham back in the 30s. The pictures you feature look too new for EJB. If you ever find and EJB in the concrete I would love to know.

Just found your blog...I love it!

Cormac Brown said...

Apparently when they were doing the letters on this day, either a dyslexic was allowed to stamp/etch it, or it became a drinking game. Stamp/etch a letter? Do a shot.

Janice said...

CB, a drinking game, that must have been it! And by the time they got here an amateur decided to hide the "H" so there would be one less shot per corner.

That could also explain some of the shortened names such as "31 ST" instead of "31ST AVE". Three shots saved.