Sunday, October 19, 2008

Union Builders

I came across a couple more new (to me) marks in the sidewalk last week. I didn't take notes but they are in the 1400 block of either 22nd, 23rd, or 24th Aves.

Here's the first, a contractor's name I haven't seen before and couldn't read.

A little further down the block MJ Lynch turned up again, this time up against the competition, D.C. McCabe and Sons.

The block had quite a few McCabe marks.

Across the street I found this Union marking. There was no contractor's name marked along with it.

I can't quite make it all out. It looks like:

S - 70 - F
LOCAL [3 or N]01 REG

First, I'm quite sure the "70" is not a year. The houses it was in front of didn't appear to built or remodeled in 1970. And I can't imagine them making a new iron every year. I'm not really up on union names and numbers so I searched the web a bit. Today there is a cement mason's union 300 in San Francisco, and the Teamster's local in Oakland is #70.

One of these days I'm going to look through old phone books at the Main Library and search for contractors, builders, and unions.

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AphotoAday said...

Very cool -- the only thing cooler is the things people scratch or press into fresh concrete...

And by the way, I was out at Land's End today and made my way down to water-level on an unofficial path -- I guess I could have used those awful stairs, but they're no fun...

Got caught up on the rail line from the information displays along the way...