Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sidewalk Sightings

I took a good long walk in the Inner Sunset and Golden Gate Heights yesterday. On a tip from reader (thanks!) I snapped this at Noriega and 11th Avenue. Noriega comes in at a funny angle and there are really only three corners at this intersection. Noriega is spelled correctly on one.

This is a new to me concrete contractor. It reads: M. THIDE CONCTRACTOR 376 22nd AVE. This mark is on the 1800 block of 9th Ave.

This next may be of interest to reader CM whose grandfather, EJ Brown, was a contractor. I have spotted a bunch of "DC McCabe and Sons" marks in the Outer Sunset. They are listed in the 1938 phone book at the McCall building.

This sewer cover is the first I have see of "McCabe & Brown". I wonder if they were partners and later McCabe went out on his own? There were two of these on 9th Avenue. The bottom says "1st NATL-BK-BDG"

I took tons of photos of sewer covers with names I hadn't seen before. That will be a later posting. This F. Nelson cover is on the block of 16th Ave between Judah & Kirkham that is full of Crafstman homes.

Although the house it is in front of is not that style. It is across the street from these:


AphotoAday said...

You'd think those cement finishers were illiterate or something... Even I know that it's almost always "I" before "E"...

Rick said...

Thanks for the post! I know That today if a concrete contractor tried to pull something like that today, things would go over too well!