Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Out With the Old

(Note: I published this a couple days ago, but under the date I had started it, a year ago. Don't know if it showed up in feeds, so I'm republishing with today's date.)

Here's how a stretch of the north side of the 3600 Block of Judah looked a couple years ago. Two cute pastel houses. (And one 1970's apartment building)

Then Pinky was demolished in November 2008.

And construction of a three story building ensued.

May 09

It sat for a very long time all done except a power meter on a piece of plywood sat out front. People moved in eventually. I had to give up on getting a photo without a car in it. Here it is in March 2011.

1940's, 1970's, and 2010's all in a row. I can imagine a person in the future loathing today's construction, and feeling nostalgic about the '70's stuff. It won't be me. Gold windows in black metal frames will always be ugly in my eyes.

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clairz said...

My parents' little house was on 48th Ave., between Judah and Irving. They sold it when we moved to Marin County in 1956. Selling price? $11,500.

Oh, my. Just imagine.