Monday, March 28, 2011

Died and Went to Heaven

It started Friday when I saw 1501 Ortega come up on the MLS. It is this amazing Art Deco house I blogged about before. I've only found two other similar homes in the area.

Yesterday I walked over to the open house, wondering if the inside would be as inspiring as the exterior.

Through the front door I was greeted by this banister (and the friendly agent who let me take photos).

To the left is a sunken living room with round fireplace.

Back through the entry and the dining room into the kitchen. Look at the tiles, they must be original. There's a Wedgewood stove and space for a kitchen table.

Headed up the stairs and that's when I feared for my life. Be still my heart, a huge bathroom with pink fixtures.

There's a skylight, shower over to the right, and space for a vanity.

On either side of the bathroom are the bedrooms. Every door in the house has an applied design, including the front door.

Headed back down the stairs and said good-bye.

It isn't a very big house but I like the layout. There's a little backyard off the kitchen and the garage is reached by a driveway on 22nd Ave. It was built in 1940 and has been in the same family since 1954.

I love this house even more now that I've been inside. If it was mine I would replace the aluminum windows with wood and slowly acquire period furniture. I would wear an apron with roosters embroidered on it while I cooked meatloaf (which is saying a lot since I'm a vegetarian). I just need to acquire a large sum of money for a downpayment. Minor detail.


clairz said...

This place is fantastic! You know, I lived that life with the rooster-embroidered aprons!

I sure am loving your blog. Keep on posting, please. You've got a fan in New Mexico.

Anonymous said...

Update since it has been sold - the new owner is taking very good care of property.
It has been renovated (although I don't know what it looks like, the windows have been replaced, new decorative sconces outside the front door, painted a cool white with black trim.
I pass this house frequently and also love the art deco style.