Monday, March 24, 2008

Francis Scott Key Annex

This school is located at 1351 42nd Avenue. It is now The Principal Center Collaborative Campus, providing services to youth in the juvenile justice system.

The old front door is behind these "temporary" buildings. That one is labeled "main office".

According to the "Architectural and Historical Resources of the Sunset District:
The Oceanside Neighborhood" published by SPEAK and available in web from at the Western Neighborhoods Project, this was the Francis Scott Key Annex, built in the late 19- teens or 20's, with 12" redwood planks on the upper floor. (Here is the current Francis Scott Key Elementary).

You can imagine it was quite lovely.

Here's a photo from the S.F.P.L. Collection, and the same view today:

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clairz said...

Thank you for posting these great photos. Francis Scott Key was my first school in the late 1940s. I started out at the Annex, then moved on to the main school in fourth grade.

Kids had a lot more freedom then. When I was entering kindergarten, my bachelor uncle walked me to the Annex on the first day from our home on 48th Ave. After that, I guess he overestimated my directional abilities and left me to find the school on my own on the second day of school. They eventually found me a few blocks over on 47th Ave., standing in front of a big brown and yellow house, trying to figure out what had happened to the school yard.

Could I use one of these photos for my blog, Remember? I am writing a post on the role of cars in my childhood. I would give credit to you, of course.