Sunday, June 22, 2008

Apartment Names

I love it when apartment buildings have names. Is it me or are there fewer and fewer these days?

Here is a batch of named buildings I have photographed to date.

The Park West runs along Lincoln, behind Andronico's:

Saint Anne's is nearby:

The Parkview Apartments even have a shield above the entrance:

Bonus 1970's tile, doors, and yellow glass at the Parkway Apartments on 10th & Lincoln:

And the best for last. The Sunset Apartments at 8th & Irving.


Unknown said...

Do you have pics of "Sunset Village"?

If not, I'll post my slightly grainy shots.

Janice said...

No I don't, but the name sounds familiar. Would like to see them. Let me know your URL when you post. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Here's Sunset Village. It's somewhere in the Inner Sunset. 10th & Judah or therebouts.

Writeprocrastinator said...

Don't forget...dang, I can't remember the name of the building, I think it is the "Alexa." It's on 5th and Lincoln.

Anonymous said...

There''s also Parkway Terrace at the corner of 29th and Lincoln...looks like a converted home that was actually given the name prior to the conversion which makes it even more interesting.


Anonymous said...

Wow...But what should i name MY appartments?

Please help me..They are in Mt. Auburn.


Janice said...

Mt. Auburn Massachusetts? Near the hospital or cemetery? Pleasant Escape Apartments in either case.