Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Aladdin Radio

Aladdin Radio is on Irving and 17th Ave. I always liked the tile:

The Oregon historic vehicle plate caught my eye because my grandma's neighbor in Oregon collected old cars.

Thanks to reader Robert, I now can see that the gate is the shape of a Model T.

The shop is closed. But Grace Cunnane interviewed the owner, John Wentzel. Read her great blog entry here. He opened the business in 1946.

You can peek in the windows:

I wonder what the story is behind these footprints?


AphotoAday said...

I was looking at that row of radios -- my parents had one of the same style. This was long before FM, but I remember having great fun with it trying to pick up short-wave stations (((a sometimes hobby I still have)))... --I did more fooling around with that radio and got countless shocks from poking around the inside... (((those things (capacitors) hold a charge can shock you even when the power is off)))

Thanks for the memories... Wish the place was still open...

Janice said...

Hi Don - I went by there the other night, it is actually easier to see in at night, there are lights on, and something in the back glows in the dark.