Thursday, June 19, 2008

Epiphany at 9th and Moraga

I grew up in Golden Gate Heights. I went back yesterday to take some pictures of the closed "corner store". I was taking pictures of this one, the one we mainly went to...

then I looked over at the other former "corner store".

And I realized that these two differently-styled buildings, which I walked or drove by thousands of times, embody what I love about Sunset architecture.

I would pass this intersection every day after school, often stopping for a Coke. I'm not sure why, but I usually went to the 1930's looking one. My best friend lived on the other side of the street, so if I was with her we went to the Mediterranean looking one.

They had the newspaper on display, and I remember watching the death toll from the Jonestown massacre rise day by day. Made quite the impression on a little girl.

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angie said...

I live right near here, and I'm wondering what's up with the dance studio and the plywood and strange paint job. I love this place, it's so great to walk by when they are having the little kids' tap dance classes! Sorry for the late comment.