Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lawton School

This is Lawton Alternative Elementary School, located on 31st Ave at (surprise!) Lawton.

There are photos in the SFPL Historic Photo collection. I couldn't find exactly when the school was built, but it was in or just before 1937, judging by the captions on the photos.

The most interesting part is the entrance. There is tile on the walls and ceiling.

Interesting windows.
Years and years of patina on the doors.

This is looking to the right of the entrance.

There is an abundance of glass block.

According to the photos, there was an addition built in 1950.


Writeprocrastinator said...

Those are nice Deco details.

Neil Honey said...

Hi, I see that you have found where I lived for 20 years across from Lawton in the Doelger home at 1555 31st Ave. I went to Lawton and saw it built which was in 1935-36. I had to go up or down to the corner to go to school, couldn't cross in the middle of the street. I graduated from the 8th grade in June 1943 and went to Polytechnic.

Janice said...

Hi Neil!
I seem to remember when I was looking through the Library's Photo collection there were quite a few of Lawton School, maybe about teaching students not to cross in the middle, and a comment about all the traffic?

Here it is: http://sflib1.sfpl.org:82/search~S0?/d%22lawton%22/dlawton/1%2C2%2C24%2CE/frameset&FF=dlawton+schools+elementary&17%2C%2C23/indexsort=-