Sunday, June 15, 2008


Welcome to new readers who may have stumbled by here after reading the article about Sunset District blogs in the San Francisco Chronicle. If you didn't see it, make sure to check the other local blogs mentioned:

The N Judah Chronicles
The Avenues Blog
Step Down

I started this blog because I had a quite a few photos of the neighborhood I had taken while I was out walking around. I just love our at times quirky architecture. The blend of Victorian, Mediterranean, and 1930's & '40's modern.

I thought other people might be interested in the same things I am. The little details; the history of our neighborhood; funny things like mis-spelled street names.


Anonymous said...

I think I recognize that facade. 34th and Judah? At the corner, in front of the N stop. My childhood friend Josh lived in the upper flat. His folks still live there.

As I recall, some nice glass brick in the staircase

Janice said...

What a good eye! I've wondered what that the glass block would be like from the inside, there are a couple more flats with the glass blocks on Judah.