Monday, June 2, 2008

The Phone Company

I grew up with Pacific Bell. Since then the phone company has been known as SBC and AT&T. Here is a Wikipedia article about PacBell, and AT&T's own history page. I'll admit this is one of my nerdier projects.

First, what I think are really pretty manhole covers:

Next, in chronological order of their existence (I think) are telephone vault covers.

A hybrid "Bell System" and Pacific Telephone:

The more recent and scarce SBC:

And finally, the most recent, AT&T:


Angie said...

I found your blog via the N Judah Chronicles, and I wanted to let you know that as we walk down 9th Avenue from Moraga to Kirkham on our way to school, my son reads each and every one of these that we pass, and he takes special care not to step on the high voltage covers. We've got several of the sbc ones. Really strange we're not the only ones to notice these!! If you are near 9th and Moraga, check out the defunct market on the corner across the street from the Star Dance Studio. It's pretty cool, but has been painted over many times to cover graffiti. Thanks for a cool blog.

Janice said...

Welcome, Angie. You know, I think my obsession with these little things comes from childhood. Kids are closer to the ground, you know?

And that market was my "corner store" growing up. We did go to the one that is now Star Dance, but it was second choice. I'm not sure why. I do need to go and take pictures there.