Monday, September 15, 2008

18th Ave Mystery House

I saw an entry on Curbed about 1842 18th Avenue and the address sounded familiar. So I rode over to have a look. Apparently there is some story about this house and where it came from. One commenter had heard that the house was moved from the Presidio.

Does anyone know the story? Here's another view. I'm assuming the house used to be the color of the garage. The building permits indicate that a retaining wall was built and there was a bathroom and kitchen remodel.

My very first apartment, was an in-law a block from here. I must have walked by this house a hundred times to get down to the N, but I don't remember it. The garage, maybe a little.


Anonymous said...

This reminds me of that "reversed" house on 23rd between Kirkham and Judah. Theres a garage but the house itself is hiding all the way in the back. btw, do know anything about that alleyway between 23rd and 24th? I've walked by on Judah but I've never gone through it. PS i love reading you blog!

Janice said...

Hi Jessica, thanks for reading!

That alley is neat, I think it was just designed to be fancy, so those houses could keep their trash cans and traffic off the street. There are a few others here and there - between 8th & 9th, Lawton & Moraga and, not in the Sunset, but behind the houses on 19th between Sloat and Ocean.

There's an alley on the map between 34th & 35th and Judah & Kirkham, but in reality the backyards have taken it over.

I'll have to look at the "reversed" house.