Friday, September 26, 2008

The Pizza (and Beer) Place

The Pizza Place is on Noriega at 48th Ave. I haven't gone in yet, but the Yelp reviews are generally good. Of course I was drawn to the mural.

My memory is foggy, but it seems like the mural has been there a long time. Maybe before this was a pizza place, but without the pizza and beer angels?

And that's my favorite part, the glasses of beer hovering around the pizza, sandwich and salad.

Apparently there is good pizza, beer on tap, and a good local feel inside. And a car with pizza wheels.

(10/4/08 Update - I went and got a pizza and took some more photos which are here.)


Anonymous said...

The SW corner of 46th & Noriega used to be Dean's Deli (I think that was the name) into the mid/late 90s. The mural was definitely added later; I don't recall anything except a blank wall on the 46th Avenue side in all that time.

Does anyone remember the old Cala Foods across the street on the SE corner? It lasted until the late 80s/early 90s.

fogbound said...

The Pizza Place was Dean's Deli for quite some time before Pizza Place moved in. The murals were added after they took over. I watched part of it being painted.

I remember the old Cala Foods, it was there when I moved into the neighborhood in 86. It didn't last too long after that. JM Liquors is the only business on that street that was there when we moved.

Anonymous said...

My friend actually owned deans deli, and i know the mural was put up before they closed it down and this pizza shop was opened. Its funny, because I actually have the original painted sketch of this mural right here on my wall. I found it in my friends basement...weird. It only has the city scene, no pizza, sandwich, or flying beer. I think the person who painted this was a really good painter though. I can send the owner of this post pics of the original sketch if they want to post them in the article.

Janice said...

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