Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lincoln Way Viaduct

I walk under the viaduct that crosses Lincoln Way at Sunset quite often to go into the park. It is kind of creepy right underneath it. Hollow spaces that pigeons live in. Heck, I think you could toss a whole body up there.

It's kind of moldy, too.

From afar it does have a certain grace of shape.

The railings remind me of Golden Gate Bridge. See that little outcropping?

Here's what it looks like on top.

And the view from above.

There are a couple mysteries. What used to be here on the top of the outcropping?

And was this a light?

I couldn't find any old pictures of it. I did find this photo from 1932 showing the Sloat & Sunset viaduct, in the Library's collection. They have quite a few showing the construction, too.

I'm guessing it was built around the same time, as I found this impression on the sidewalk of the bridge.

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Al_Pal said...

Very cool! Great stuff.
Thank you for your chronicling -- I really enjoy it!